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On the 15th of November the neofascist group „Identitäre“ will try to make a demonstration in Spielfeld at the Austrian-Slovenian border.
There rally is part of a series of racist mobilizations: On the 26th of October, the Austrian National Day, a group of far rights held an unauthorized gathering against refugees in Spielfeld. On the 31th October the “PDV” (Peoples Party), a small far right party mobilized 500 people consisting of neonazis, “Identitäre”, people of the region and hooligans.
Far rights try to use the racism that is already profoundly rooted in the Austrian society and the irrational anxieties of the Austrian citizens towards Refugees and Migrants.
Whilst the FPÖ benefits from the “fears”, economic insecurity and their racist idea of a cultural clash, the racism is now also beeing brought on the street. At the same time the ministry of the interior is planning a border fence and other “constructional measures” (like they called it) to militarize the defense of refugees. The consequences of such migration politics are seen at the European external border where thousands of people are dying. Border fences force refugees into life-threatening and deadly situations.

If an emancipatory left movement is serious about the solidarity with refugees, it has to fight the racist mobilizations because of their potential of violent crimes. It also has to stand up against the Fortress Europe in all its appearances.
That means: Join the antifascist protest on Sunday the 15th of November to Spielfeld! Let’s block the nazis and be loud against racism and the exclusion committed by nations. It’s not enough to fight Nazis and their racism on the street, we also have to stand in solidarity with refugees and their struggles and attack the European politics of migration!